Tuesday, May 25, 2010

This Day

Today is my due date. I have been anticipating this day for a long time. I got up and had a HUGE bowl of Marshmallow Mateys and felt a contraction. I was stoked. I told Jake "We're going to have a baby today!"

After prayer and scripture I kissed Jake good bye and ran to go finish these blankets I have been working on.


I figured that once I was done with everything baby, he would come. As soon as I finished the blankets my phone rings. It was the Dr. office.

You see, I had an appointment today at 3. I don't have that appointment anymore because the Dr. is sick. So unless a whole lot more contractions come or my water breaks, I might just have to wallow in self pity on this day of anticipation.


  1. :( Stinky! It's cool though. He'll come. My bet is he still comes today! Because you said prayers and read your scriptures. :)

  2. Aww, I totally feel for you! Did the reschedule for tomorrow or something? Or are they making you wait another week? I hope your water breaks :) Text me if he does come so I can bring you flowers ok!

  3. bummer! i went overdue with two of mine and it was a tiny bit of torture! you poor thing! he'll be here before you know it (hopefully tonight!)

  4. As I am writing this I hope you are in the hospital. At least he better be here before June right! I am so excited for you. One of my happiest moments in life is holding the baby as soon as he is born. Trust me he will be worth the wait.

  5. I never liked the idea of a "Due Date" anyways. It makes you think you are actually going to have a baby by then. Some women get the privilege of this happening to her by delivering "early" (what is that?!?!) but, most women get the chance to say "my baby was 95 days late!" (or enter in whatever number it seems like to you) I know that this is one of the worst parts of pregnancy right now. You are ready, you feel ready, and you just want to finally meet the little guy. He will be here. Don't you worry.
    I can't wait to hear when he decides to come! Other than that, I won't keep bothering you about it. (I hated that part) Oh, and be prepared to get all sorts of suggestions...ie, "I ate chinese food and the next hour I was in labor!" or, "I walked the stairmaster at the gym for an hour and I gave birth right when I walked off of it!" or, "Just have LOTS of sex" . Take your pick...you are bound to hear them. Good luck and I am thinking of you!!