Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Book Of How To


I almost don't even know what to write today. Yesterday was a real hard one. I haven't slept for more than 2 hours at a time for the past week and a half and it caught up to me. I really don't mind getting up with our little squirt at night.... if he would go back to sleep.

On page 18 in Tyrell's book of How To you will find 'how to deal with lack of sleep' and the answer is almost always cry. Crying doesn't fix anything or make you feel better.... it actually makes you more sleepy and look terrible, but for some reason it just happens.

I have been trying to write Everett's owners manual. Sounds terrible, but actually I am just trying to write down when he sleeps and eats and how long and other important details. So far he has slept for 3 1/2 hours in the last 12. I'm so tired.

One thing is for sure.... how do you do this with other kids at home.


  1. you poor thing! it's so hard to get those silly babies to give you any amount of decent sleep. but crying does help! one time brian found me curled up on the bottom of the shower bawling my eyes out. i think he may have called my doctor! : ) but it got better and easier and i learned more and gained more confidence and now all the kids go to bed at 7 and wake up at 7. you can do it! you were forordained to be a mom and Heavenly Father is rooting for you the whole way! hang in there. and if you need anything please call me. sometimes it feels great to vent.

  2. Tyrell, you wonderfullil mama! please stop to think of one thing, your hormones are giving you a roller coaster ride on top of the no sleep and this is also one of the MOST emotional things in life.. It is really hard, and sometimes doesn't get better for awhile, don't do laundry, don't cook, don't clean, just take it easy and sleep whenever he does (day or night). Those things will wait and you need to take care of yourself, a shower a day should be your goal right now! We are coming by next week to meet Everett, let me know what day works good for you. And I am bringing dinner, please be in your pajamas with no makeup! Love you guys...

  3. the above comments pretty much said what I was going to say :) Smart ladies. Just remember it DOES get so much easier! After all, how many of us have more than one little babe? And we wouldn't have had the second, third, fourth.. and so on, if the first one hadn't gotten easier! And if you just simply need a good foot rub and pedicure with a new toe color you know who to call :D (Soon I'm going to need your opinion on a decor dilemma I have!)

  4. See that's what I'm worried about and my current "baby" is 4 1/2! I'm hoping that multiple babies is easier than it sounds :-) One other thing I learned? It's ok if the baby cries! Feed him, put him in his swing and let him hang out while you take a quick 30 min nap! He's small enough he wont get out and get in trouble... take advantage while you can! And, many friends/family would LOVE to come over and play with him while you take a nap... new babies are always fun to "play" with... Good luck!