Thursday, June 24, 2010

Just Like Mom

I went to preschool for a little while. I can't really remember for how long or how old I was... but I remember going to preschool. There was a time of the day when all of the kids grabbed a mat and laid down while the teacher read to us with the lights off. Then, of course, was nap time. I could never fall asleep. I didn't want to miss a thing... even if there was nothing to miss. I just couldn't find the logic behind sleeping in the day time.

After several sleepless nap times, I got up and told my teachers that I couldn't sleep. So from then on they let me stay up and help them prepare the snacks for the other kids when they woke up.

I still can't nap.

That's why I have so many picture of Jake taking Sunday naps. He can, I can't.

Turns out Everett is a lot like mom. He just doesn't see the logic. J/K! Honestly though, we are working on nap time. It's a work in progress and I have learned that it is easier to establish habits earlier than later.

Parenting is hard, but maybe these slippers will help him sleep.


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  1. When Avery was born she would sleep all day, and be awake all night. It was terrible. And then one day she decided not to sleep at all. And now she sleeps during the night, and sometimes during the day. I think they are just born good sleepers or non-sleepers. Hopefully he turns into a sleeper!