Wednesday, June 9, 2010


I can't even begin to tell you how valuable your comments are to me. My days used to be measured in production... things I made, bills paid, laundry done, dinner made, and all of my responsibilities at the office taken care of.

My days are much different now. All I want is for my son to be happy. Its incredible that I haven't even had him for 2 weeks but he has devoured my every thought, action, and care. I love him so much and that is why every cry, noise, burp, toot, grunt, sleepy smile, dirty diaper, and full tummy mean so much. Its hard to explain the joy I feel when I understand why he is crying, but the incredible disappointment and discouragement when I can't. That's why I value your I know I am only being normal.

Normal that I've been wearing the same black Adidas pants, bath robe, and nursing tank top since we got home from the hospital. Normal that I haven't WANTED to look in the mirror. Normal that I struggle having a conversation with someone without crying just because of hormones. Normal that I'm only beginning to understand why motherhood IS the greatest calling. Normal that I'm typing with one hand because my baby would rather sleep on my chest than be left alone on the couch...Normal

Everett sleeping on my chest


  1. BTW, I have this video, its called dunstan baby language, that helps you understand what cries mean. Yes, I thought this was weird, but they cry different when they are hungry, gassy, tired, need to poop... etc. So if you are interested I can totally bring it by for you :) Other than that, I think you are doing a spectacular job! Maybe we can find some time to hang out again next week?!

  2. He's precious Tyrell! And to be so tired, busy, and exhausted, and to STILL have such an amazing attitude is incredible. You know when we start having babies I'm going to be calling on you for advice. You're amazing.

  3. yes! completely normal. and it's going to get so much easier and you are going to feel much more "normal" in no time! i'll say a little prayer for you tonight. you go!

  4. Tyrell, I think that you are doing a great job!!! I love that you are able to appreciate every moment. I am sure you are more tired than you have ever been in your life, but what a fun blessing in your life. I hope you are well. Keep it up!