Friday, June 11, 2010

Peeing Prince Charming

I didn't change a diaper until we got home from the hospital.... thanks to a great husband. Everett wasted no time when it came to dirty diapers. One of the first diaper changes that took place between the two was sort-of.... um.... Jake's initiation into fatherhood. Everett let loose and peed all over Jake. I laughed and was impressed at the projectile of my offspring. The very next day Everett did it again.

At 4 this morning I was thinking about those occurrences and was filled with pride that I had dodged my motherhood initiation.

And that is precisely when this little prince charming peed all over me, himself, and the blanket I was changing him on.


Then again at 7. Now I know why moms always have laundry to do.


  1. Haha, that is so funny :) Do those peepee teepee's work? I always thought they were the funniest idea, but I guess they might be useful eh? LOVE that picture!

  2. Yeah, I can make Peepee Teepees! If you need some/more, I can put some together for you! Let me know. I just made some for my sister. They are pretty funny. Peeing and babies just go together! haha.