Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I Can Ride My Bike With No Handle Bars

Do you remember when mountain bikes first became popular? Me too!

I can still remember the stinging disappointment one Christmas morning when my Dad led Montana and I into the bedroom where our new mountain bikes were hiding. When my Dad revealed our Christmas gifts, I instantly gravitated to the one I wanted.

I went up to it and admired the beauty. My leg was half swung over the bike when my Dad said that one was meant for my sister.

Mine was pink and turquoise. I was 8. An 8 year old tomboy. Pink, Dad? Pink?

Funny thing is, every summer of my life after that I couldn't stop thinking about how mine was SO MUCH COOLER than hers! One summer I even plastered Kick Butt stickers on the back of my seat.

I'd like to think I grew up on the back of a bike. That kick butt bike was not the first or the last bike I rode around town. The ones that preceded were puppy love, had frills off the handles, had crooked handle bars from being wrecked, were starting to rust, were orange and pink, aunt Kristy's old banana seat bike, or were red with 3 wheels.

Riding bikes has always been a favorite of mine.

Jake came home early last night to help with a church service project. Everett had been having a rough afternoon which caused the rapids in my river to become class 5.

Once Jake assessed the situation he made the loving decision to stay home. I asked him to get my bike down.... you know, because its hanging on the hooks in the garage because I had been pregnant for what seemed like two years prior to May 27th.

He came back in, I handed Everett to him, and I walked into the garage to see my sweet sweet mountain bike waiting for a ride (He even took my helmet down, but who needs helmets?)


Oh man. It was a sweet reunion. I was free. Free to go anywhere.

I rode down the hill to the flood plains (downtown Puyallup). An hour later I began the climb back up the volcano evacuation route. People usually honk at you when you are brave enough to ride up.

Once I got back home, all was well. My rapids were back to a lazy river and Everett had been read the story of Aladdin.


Hopefully its not too long before I ride again.


These pictures were taken last July when we took a road trip to Utah. You can take the chairlift up Sundance and ride your bike down... only if you wear your helmet!


  1. HAHA at first, I was like... she is already mountain biking!! Doesn't that hurt? haha I was like maybe she is fully recovered... then I realized these were pictures from last summer!!

  2. Tyrell- the more I read you blog the more I am convinced we need to someday live by each other and be great friends! You like sewing, I like sewing, your husband does insurance, mine does insurance, you love riding bikes, and so do I! Not to mention we will both have little boys only a couple months apart. What do you think:)?

  3. Don't you just love those sweet reunions with all the things you couldn't do for what seemed like oh so long?! I too have loved the sweet reunions with my bike, and running, and a roller coaster...The things we sacrifice (like for instance now I am not eating dairy due to the little one)! P.S. So sorry to hear you and Everett were having a rough afternoon but so glad to hear I am not the only one that often has "class 5 rapids"!

  4. Good for you!!! It takes a REAL Mom to be able to know when the lava is cresting! When you ignore those moments and try to take on the world, something like leaving your new born in the car for 45 minutes while you stroll Fred Meyer thinking all the while said baby is at home with the other kids and your Mom...True story sad to say! (Baby lived, Mom never got caught, and baby is still crazy) Either way proud of you for taking some "you" time. Bad things happen when sleep deprived overly stimulated Mom's don't do just that :)

  5. I LOVE to ride my bike so we will have to go when we get home...hmm maybe next spring I don't think I could make it up that hill prego with twins. I think there is a sense of freedom that comes with owning a bike. When Everett gets old enough we have a bike trailer that you can use. Audrey loves it!