Thursday, July 8, 2010

Mt. Rainier


Everett's been all over the place. A few days before we went to Portland we took a drive up Mt. Rainier. I had never been, Jake hadn't been in 10 years, and we thought the family would like it.

We've never been so wrong. Crappy weather and crappy attitudes created a crappy day. At least Everett was good and we had some awesome hats that Effie made us.


  1. At least you hat's cute! :) I loved the post about Montana. It was so good to see pictures of her! You guys are my favorite summer memories! Your life rocks. Seriously!

  2. LOVE your hat! Haven't been up to the mountain for a while either. In this hot weather it might actually be a good time!

  3. Tyrell... you are adorable in this picture. I refuse to go back to this mountain because i am terrified I will be there when it blows lol