Friday, July 23, 2010

True Or False?


I picked this up at a yard sale for 5 cents. False. I didn't have a nickle. It was free.

Everett likes listening to me sing. False. He prefers Guster, Jack Johnson, Eric Hutchinson, and Dave Matthews. Seriously. He stops crying for them... not me.

Stephanie and her super sweet husband spent the night last night. True. They drove up the west coast stopping at all of the lighthouses. (but we don't live in a lighthouse... its a clay color)
They just left to drive ALL OF THE WAY back to Wyoming. (sadly, that's true too)


I think I am so funny. True.


  1. Sheesh, no comments on this post! ;) Love your five cent free find! Totally reminds me of one of those Highlights magazines.