Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Pick A Number


Today has been one of those days. One of those days:

1. When you're driving with the windows down because it's so nice out. All is well with your sleeping baby in the back seat when the worlds biggest and loudest Harley club starts pacing your car and revving their engines.

2. When you went grocery shopping and forgot your wallet. However, you didn't know that you didn't have your wallet until you were about to pay.

3. When you've just unloaded your baby, stroller, and diaper bag out of your husbands gigantic one ton truck and the smoking lady at the liquor store yells at you because "You can't park here unless your going to shop here. Are you going to shop here?" So out of raging anger you put everything back in the truck and drive 2 spaces over where its not liquor store parking.

4. When you found the perfect pair of shorts in the size smaller and bigger than you... but not your size.

5. When you lost your mail key and the non-English speaking lady at the post office tells you that you have to "track down your mail man to pop your lock and buy a new lock at home depot" (in Japanese) and you get frustrated that she works for the US postal service but doesn't speak English, and its hot, and your baby is crying. So you go to home depot and buy several locks just to take them back because they all don't fit. Then you call your rental agency and ask "what do I do, I've lost my mail key?" They tell you to come pick up the spare and have a copy made at home depot. So you do and home depot says "no way, we can't make a copy. You'll have to go to the post office." But the post office said.........

6. When you tried to make a smoothie and forgot to put the top of the blender on.

7. When your hanging out in your un-mentionables and your doorbell rings... 3 times and each time you think they got the hint that you're not going to come to the door.

8. When you JUST changed your baby's diaper and then dumb and dumber happens in their pants.

Um....I picked number 3 and 5 today. But believe me, they've all been picked at least once. What number did you pick?


  1. Oh gosh, If you said these things ALL happened to you today, I was so bringing you a tub of (slow-churned-low-fat) Ice cream!!!! SO far today has been ok. More of the 'PMS meltdown for nothing' day. Can I add that as a number? Anyways, I think even with a 3 and 5 we should simply have a girls night out with plenty of laughing. And if you need to go back to that post office, I'll send my brother with you who speaks Japanese and can tell her off for you :D

  2. 2 happened to me twice today lol. rough day..
    lets hang soon, i miss you

  3. We have that pacifier too and Sawyer always sucks it upside down just like that! I almost had a #8 today, but he always does it while the diaper is off so i have to catch it with the wipe in my hands.