Sunday, August 8, 2010

The Right Knife For The Wife

Sometimes Jake is so funny...


When I need to cut something, I grab a knife and cut it. Jake will always walk by and say "babe, you're using the wrong knife" and then he will grab the right one for the job and show me how much better that knife is.

So I was cutting some strawberries for a dessert we were bringing to our family BBQ... and I was cutting the strawberries with a steak knife.

Jake walks by, sees the strawberry-steak-knife combo, then hands me a parring knife. "Oh thanks babe, this one works WAY better. You always pick the right knife."

"You wanna know what you're good at picking?"


"You're good at picking the right husband!"

(Laugh laugh laugh) "You're so funny. I'm going to put that on my blog"

"That'd be funny... and you could name it picking the right knife for the wife"

"Dude, I'm totally doing it."


He's so clever. Then when we were driving to the family BBQ I saw a real estate sign with the name Scott on it and we had the following conversation:

Me: "Whenever I think of the name Scott, I think of a tall, skinny, professional guy."

"Oh, you know what? The other day in our district meeting I learned how to remember peoples names better and it totally worked today."

"Oh yeah?"

"Yeah. Whenever you meet someone new, try to picture someone else with the same name and then you will remember the new person."


"I met a Brian today in church and I pictured Brian Coatney.... so now I will always remember his name."

"That's weird. I don't think it would work for me."

"It totally works for me. Ask me what Mike Bradford's wife's name is"

"What's Mike Bradford's wife's name?"


"Who else do you know with the name Holly?"

"Holly Berry"



  1. lol did anybody bring a half eaten bag of chips to the BBQ lol

  2. Hahahahahaha! That is really funny. Holly Berry. lol

  3. You guys are just too cute. And the knife thing... I seem to think a steak knife works best for... well, everything.

  4. You and your perfect little Family are soo sooo blessed! i love reading the updates about little man :)