Thursday, March 17, 2011

Crazy Hair

Everett's hair is getting so long and I have no idea what I should do with it. Until he is old enough to make his own fashion choices, I would like to keep it short (manageable).

I've been cutting Jake's hair for the last 4 years... but to tell you the truth, all I have to remember is the numbers 4-6 because I use an electric razor. I have a hard time imagining me using the electric razor on Everett. He would probably think it is the boogie man since he already thinks the vacuum is extra terrestrial.

Is it possible that I could actually cut Ev's hair with scissors and have it look nice? Any advice?


  1. Yes, you can. Get some good scissors (hair cutting ones) and you can make it look nice. I did that to my babies at this age when it was going all hay wire and it works, but you will probably need Jake to distract him big time haha. good luck

  2. I cut Kaden's hair, but that doesn't mean that I really know what I am doing to help give you advice. Just make sure you have a cape so he doesn't get hair all over his body. Kaden HATES that part. But he is kind of OCD about hair anyways. Good luck!!

  3. My daughter was bald till she was almost 2 so she was really old when she had her first haircut. I just took her to super cuts and they couldn't believe it was her first cut. lol