Thursday, March 10, 2011

Dear Journal/Day 1

Dear Journal,

Our friends invited us over to their house the other day. We haven't seen them in months and we were super excited to hang out with them. They always feed us super good food and they have a really big TV... so we like 'em a lot.

They fed us New York steaks with blue cheese on top, cantaloupe and salad. I am not a huge red meat fan (and until that night I hated blue cheese) but dinner was delicious. Even better was the fact that our friends' parents raised the cows. While we were talking about how delicious the food was (over the chatter and soda burps of their 4 children) I mentioned that it's a real treat for us to get invited over because we don't get this kind of food at our house. Not only did Jake agree... he pretty much said I couldn't possible make anything even close to how good this food was. We all laughed... even me because I knew it was half way true.

The problem is... Jake is a red meat man and I'm a white meat girl. I could cook chicken breasts until the cows come home and it still wouldn't taste like steak. And the other problem... I don't know how to make a wide variety of anything. We never had fish growing up... unless we caught little tiny things when we went ice fishing and I never cooked anything at all while I still lived at home. My mom cooked and we set the table, chopped veggies, washed the dishes.... we never had to cook anything because she made dinner every night. I'm not complaining because she cooked dinner, I'm just trying to justify my weak cooking skills.

When I first got married I thought cooking would just come to me. I mean, isn't that what happens when you get married? I put meat in the crock pot (for roast) and then filled the whole dang thing with water. No seasoning. Just water, vegetables and some meat. I tried to make cinnamon rolls and they were more like cinnamon rocks. I've never made a burger with red meat either (just turkey burgers). I don't know how to saute vegetables. Every dish that I have ever made with rice turns out tasteless...

So I laughed when Jake poked fun at my wife-in-the-kitchen skills but I mean, come on, at least I've been trying. I haven't tried as much as I used to try though. I guess he has been suffering a little since Stinky Pants was born... but haven't we all suffered a little? I try to cook dinner but Jake doesn't even walk in the door until 6:30-7:00 and tell me, how can anyone cook anything with a child crawling/screaming up your leg (because he's usually a little lot fussy between 6-7). And then once I get him into bed Jake usually walks in the door and then we start talking and the next thing you know... it's 8:30 and we're starving so we have frozen pizza or cereal.

The other problem (see, there are a lot of problems here) is that cooking good, healthy dinner takes planning. I really admire those who plan menus and shop according to the menu. I usually buy what is on sale and make Tyrell surprise.

So today was Day 1. Day 1 of just cooking. Cooking anything just to have some dinner and get some practice. I assume it doesn't get any easier as time goes on and you have two little people crying up your leg and schedules get more packed. So I threw on my apron (that my mom made for my 24th birthday) and put Everett in his high chair with snacks in both hands. I made spinach salad with carrots and cheese, real mashed potatoes with real bacon pieces and cheddar biscuits. I know, I know. It doesn't sound like anything to blog about... but I decide that dinner doesn't have to be spectacular to be dinner. And it doesn't have to have a big hunk of meat to be called 'dinner' either. I'm sure the salad didn't compliment the mashed potatoes and the mashed potatoes didn't compliment the biscuits... but that's the kind of food that I like. Carbs.

Day 1 was a success. Jake walked in the door to an overly messy kitchen and a baby that was ready to bust out of his high chair buckles at any time but at least he can't say that I don't cook. Someday I'll be so good at cooking that we will actually have people over for dinner.... and all of the food will be warm at the same time and everyone will like it and tell me what a treat it is to come over to MY house for dinner. And then I will be the one laughing because I knew that I only did it to prove Jake wrong. Sometimes that's how marriage works.



  1. First off, good job on your dinner. Second off, cooking is overrated and I 100% can relate to everything you just said. It doesn't get any easier. I hate cooking and I suck at it. I try, like real hard but no matter how hard I try I will never be good like your friend or "our" moms. Last week I started the oven on fire because I accidently put the hot pad in the oven under the cookie sheet, no lie.

    I often want to go to cooking classes because I think it is a really good thing to learn and be a good cook, but then I think "why"? My hubby has always come home later than 7pm and none of my kids appreciated anything other than the basics lol Tacos, Waffles, Bagels and Spaghetti.

    haha.. Good job on the dinner :)

  2. You and I have the same goal in marriage. a) prove spouse wrong and b) learn to cook. Over the last 9 years I've gotten super good at A. I'm struggling a bit with B. Good luck :-D

  3. We LOVE coming to your house regardless of the food that is present and its warmth levels lol even if we bring some of it haha but please feel free to practice on us any time :) I just realized I don't think you've ever even been to our house!! Oops :|


  4. Tyrell you are so cute! Luckily my mom made me cook. Not my other sisters just me. They are clueless when it comes to cooking (when my sister was away at college she used nails to hold the turkey together!!) (p.s I don't think your clueless either I am just saying my sister is) anyways something that helps me is food network. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this website. The meals are ranked in levels so you know what you are getting yourself into and their is always reviews so I go off of those two things and I have come up with some pretty good recipes! You are very talented so don't beat yourself up. Before you know it you will have many recipes that you love to cook! Call me anytime if you have questions. Not that I am a professional cook by any means... seriously. I am excited for tomorrow night! I have something yummy planned for dinner and dessert. :)

  5. You make me laugh :) If you need some easy, fool proof and baby-screaming-at-your-leg friendly recipes I'd happily email you a few of our go-to favorites! Let me know.