Monday, March 7, 2011

Diaper Head

Changing Everett's diaper is hard work. For the last month and a half it's a hands-and-feet job. I just discovered today that the job is a little easier if I stick him in his crib. That way, when he rolls over before his pants are even off, he can't go far.

I stuck him in there, got a diaper and then decided to be funny. I just started saying "diaper head" in a funny sing-song voice (while putting the clean diaper on my head) and Everett thought it was the funniest thing ever. He was laughing so hard that he got the hiccups. We played this game for almost 20 minutes.

He was laughing so hard it was making me laugh.

It was worth putting diapers on my head and making up funny phrases just to make my little guy laugh so hard.

*Disclaimer... I know that no one wants to see babies with food and snot all over their faces, in the bath, in their diapers or naked... but I just had to post this so that I would remember that motherhood really is a blast sometimes.


  1. I'm there with you on the rolly polly baby. We still change him in the attachment on the pack n play so he can't roll away, but he definitely turns over and pushes the diaper away. What a work out!

  2. I love naked babies! They are my favorite. You are doing a FANTASTIC job!