Sunday, March 6, 2011

Head Gear

We went to the Dr. last week for Ev's 9 month check up and shots. We found out that Mr. Fussy Pants has  swollen ears and that's probably why he's been waking up at night. The Doc said that it's like a big pimple inside of his ears and that the pressure is causing him to wake up. Makes sense. We also found out that Ev is about 35% on weight, 50% for height and 75% for his head circumference. No wonder his hat was barely fitting! It was time for a new hat... so we looked around the house and found two that fit.

Oh man I love this kid!

The poor guy not only has swollen ears, he has eczema pretty bad too. He has it really bad all over his back and tummy and even has it on his cheeks (his face cheeks!).

And if those pictures weren't enough....

Ev was helping me get ready today and found my headband... so I put it on him just for fun. Jake wasn't too happy but it makes me think that we might have cute girls someday (not that there is any child on the way... I was just saying!).

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  1. eczema is the worst. the twins have it pretty bad. I'm sure the dr. gave you great advice, but if not, call me and I'll tell what works for us... 253.251.2669 And if Everett is any clue you'll have a super cute girl... I love the headband!