Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Looking Forward

February was a little hard on us. Okay, it was really hard. I don't mean to sound over dramatic, but perhaps it was one of the worst months ever.

It was very draining. My car broke down (it has happened before... it stalls when you aren't pushing on the gas, so at every stop sign and light you have to push the gas and brake at the same time). Because we didn't have the extra $500 hangin' around, we just drove it around like this. Then about 2 weeks ago it miraculously stopped giving us problems. I was a nervous wreck the entire time I was driving it...

Also, Jake sold his truck. He bought it back in 2007 when he was still doing construction but we haven't needed it for a long time. So we had a tiny (broken at the time) car and a huge truck. Driving either one was hard with a baby. So he sold his truck and then we started looking for SUVs. Have you ever looked for the perfect car? Seriously draining. So for a little over 2 weeks we had one broken car and I was stuck at home with my child who hates staying at home. We searched and researched about four million cars, we test drove half of them, and met way too many car salesmen. Oh, and the negotiating? What a nightmare. The car buying process puts a lot of stress on a person and a marriage. But we eventually settled on a nice used SUV. Thank goodness!

And if that wasn't enough to make me crazy, I was way sick all of last week... and then Everett got the same thing on Friday. This is the second time in a month that he has been sick (the first time he was teething. He got an upper tooth and then it receded back into his gums. So frustrating). He is so naughty when he is sick too. There is no snuggling for this fire ball... just kicking, high pitched screaming, booger smearing madness.

But the worst thing of all was then we got Everett's surgery bill in the mail. I cried for 2 days (literally). It was 8 times the amount the hospital told us it would be. I think we might have him paid off by his 12th birthday. Maybe.

And just a few days ago, while preparing my talk for church, my computer got a virus. Seriously? Seriously.

Eventhough February was a short month, it was hard. But let's look on the bright side: the car is miraculously fixed, we now have a useful SUV instead of an over sized truck, Everett will eventually get better and medical bills are interest free. And How blessed we are to have Everett... even in all of his craziness.

I am really looking forward to March.


  1. HAHAHAHAHAH that is probably my favorite pic of him ever!

    I am sorry you had a bad month :(

  2. Car problems, car salesmen and sickness can make for a bad month for sure! I'm sure march will be much better! Little Ev is too cute!

  3. I'm sorry to hear it was so rough on you! I, too, am glad Feb has moved on. I'm ready for March. And how fun that you got a new car! Although I can SO relate to the stress! We went through the same thing trying to buy our van. You just want it to be over with already, but it seems like it never is, right?! I hope things start looking up :) And that pic of little Everett is priceless!