Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Made Me Smile

It made me smile today...

Everett's sheet was really dirty so I threw it in the wash. When it came nap time I just put some blankets over his mattress. I usually don't check on him after he falls asleep but I just wanted to make sure he didn't totally wrap himself up in the blankets... and I found this:

 ...and it made me smile!

When he woke up we had lunch: grilled cheese and bananas. He was so excited over his new bowl.... it made me smile.

It rained really hard all day so we stayed inside playing toys and listening to Pandora radio. I heard a familiar song and went to the computer to see who it was...

...and it made me smile. I LOVED Hanson as a kid (I secretly still do and still listen to their CD's). Pandora is good. It knows me so well. Then a few songs later Justin Bieber came on. I've actually never heard him but I have heard of Bieber fever... I have to say, I actually liked it. 'Baby baby baby ohhhh'... I think I might have Bieber fever!

And Everett is getting so good playing with his toys...

He just makes me smile!

This video is so funny to me. It's only 5 seconds and totally worth it. It might just make YOU smile today...

(make sure to turn your volume up)

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  1. You and your mommy posts make me so excited for our baby boy to come!!! I love this!