Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Master

About 3 weeks ago Jake and I went on a real date. I mean, we got a babysitter. We had her come over about 7:30 (so Ev would already be sleeping). Because I was still getting ready, Jake gave her an Everett debriefing and showed her around the house. He even showed her our bedroom. It was super awkward for me. Don't most people skip over the master bedroom when they give a house tour?...

Well, if you don't think it's awkward, here it the master bedroom (which I think was a living room prior to the remodel) :

Our room is one of my favorite rooms in the house. I love the gas stove in there, the bricks, the tongue -and-groove ceiling, the black beams... I just love it.

I was a little overwhelmed when we first moved it. There was a blue wall, a tan wall, brown ceiling with black beams, the bricks... and then we moved our dark brown furniture in there. There was so much going on in there... so I decide to decorate with black and white (despite the brown furniture).

I got the bedspread from Wally World and then I made two black velvet pillow covers. I have had the pictures and frames (on the wall) ever since we moved to WA. They are kind-of a blackish-brown print with a white matte and a black frame. Perfect.

(The closet)

The shelves above the closet were fun to decorate. I arranged and re-arranged everything I could possibly find that was black and white. The baskets above my one closet (vs. Jake's two) holds Summer clothes. As for the door next to the closet... that's just where the water heater is.

The white dresser was originally dark brown like the rest of the furniture. I painted it white about 2 years ago. Then I put orange stripes on it about a year and a half ago. Then we put cute nursery paper over the orange stripes and let Everett have it. And then we stole it back from Ev because we needed more storage. So I put some black velvet paper on it. (and the TV came with the house. We are so lucky... I know!)

Some engagement pictures, a lantern with a candle and dried black beans on the bottom, and a fake flower in an Ikea vase with Magnetix marbles (that I stole from our game closet) on the bottom... I needed a little shine and they did the trick!

(And our bathroom)

The only thing I had to do to the bathroom was add black accents and hang a few things on the wall.

The only real crafty thing I did in here was when I hung the picture of the tree.... it was just way to small for the space, so I took a 20x20 canvas that I had and painted it black. I hung the canvas and then hung the tree picture on top of that. (The reason I had an extra canvas was because I bought a 3 pack when I made this and this).

There you have it, our master bedroom and bathroom. I hope you weren't creeped out...

To see the rest of the house tour click the 'house tour' label at the bottom of the post.

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  1. it's so fun to see how you've decorated! looks so good :) and yes, that was our family/play room and the bathroom was a bathroom and an office!