Sunday, March 13, 2011

Meet Jake

 Jake. Jacob. Lightning Fingers. JB. Jakers. Jack. Hakob.

Jake is a GREAT dad
He likes to fix stuff
Loves a new pair of socks
Likes to work outside
Hates shopping for jeans
Speaks Spanish
Loves tools
Has a 'girl' butt
Has a hard time putting his dirty towel in the laundry room
Loves Reese's big cups
Has been wearing the same pair of grey Nautica sweat pants that he bought at Costco back in 2004
Served his mission in Costa Rica
Has to shave his face everyday... and has a 5 o'clock shadow everyday
Favorite girl scout cookies is the Samoa
Got bit by a dog when we was 18 months old... his first words were "bad bog" and his mom cried.
He is ambitious
Gets more obsessed with the equipment than the activity (camping gear/rock climbing gear)
He's a quality over quantity guy
Favorite website is Rocky Mountain ATV
Has a love/hate relationship with his job
His eyebrows have their own zip code
Got his first dirt bike when he was in the 4th grade
Favorite fruit is a Guanabana (best described as a mix between a pineapple and watermelon)


 Jake is a so fun. He is ALWAYS making people laugh (even when he's not trying!). I'm super lucky to have him as a husband and I think Ev is pretty lucky to have him as a dad.