Monday, March 14, 2011

Painted And Repurposed

One of my favorite things about getting invited over to someone elses' house is when they give me a house tour. I love seeing how everyone else decorates their house. I love snooping.

Just in case you like snooping too... here is another room in our house.

(There are two steps at the end of the wood floor that lead into the living room... that's why it looks sooooo far away!)

When we first moved into this house I had a really hard time decorating this room. We had a living room and dining room already... and this was kind-of like a hallway rather than a room anyways. After a few months of being nothing, it became the office/playroom.

The room is pretty dark, even on a bright day, so I wanted to brighten it up as much as possible. I borrowed my desk and bookshelf from the mom cave. I got the white picture frame at Goodwill for $3 and printed a picture that would match the rest of the room. (It's a picture of me on Bondi Beach in Australia and I am like 100 years pregnant... but I was wearing a pink dress and the sunset matched the room perfectly.)

I love that bookshelf. We got it at a garage sale for $10 two Summers ago. I also made a book wreath to go on the wall and displayed the pretty conch shell we got in Cozumel. (it came out of the ocean that pink and shiny!)

The book wreath cost $2. Go to the Dollar Store and get a book and a wreath...

...and google how to make a book wreath. I'm pretty sure everyone should have one!

I found this chair at the Goodwill right before Christmas. I got it for $30 or $35... I can't remember but all I know it that I love it. The wood on it was originally dark brown (which I loved) but I wanted it white... so I painted it.

The little side table was one of our old stools that I cut a little shorter and painted white.

(these were the old stools)

I got the silver picture frame from the Goodwill too ($5) and put a 5x10 picture of Jake on Manly Beach in Australia... just cut into 3 little pictures.

Those two wall hangings (above) are the tops of two other stools that I glued some scrapbook paper on (total cost... like $1). And those books fit so perfectly on the bottom of that little side table.

On the other side of the room is the entryway.

The dark brown entryway table was already in the house when we moved in (if it were mine I would probably paint that white too). I bought the little brown lantern at the Goodwill for $4.

... but the white chest has been mine for 10 years now. I've changed it like a million times (it was originally light wood with a floral fabric on top).

The mirror that is hanging above the chest was also brown before. I pained it an 'oops' color I bought at Home Depot for 50 cents and scraped the edges a bit.

I did the same thing with the chest.

I recovered the top with some fabric I got at JoAnn ($10). A bunch of toys are inside of the chest. Everett loves to play on the hardwood so most of his toys with wheels and all of his balls are in there. We love the office/playroom and we spend a majority of our time in there. I love the fact that I spent less than $100 (because I obviously already had most of the things) and I love how light and bright it is. A little paint, some repurposing and imagination go a long way!


  1. good job, Tyrell! The house looks so good!!

  2. I'll pay you to come out and decorate my house...I'm not kidding. I'll give you a work your magic! Really, not kidding.

  3. Impressive! Any time you want to come over and give me some ideas, I'd love it! Looks great and I love the wall color. You have a real eye for design and style.

  4. Your house always looks so good! I wish i had 1. stuff laying around that i can re-purpose, and 2. Room to put things to decorate and I would have you do our house too lol

  5. You are a genious and so, so talented. Great job girl. I love it!

  6. Ooh Tyrell I LOVE it! I love how inspiring you are :) I want to do a similar feel in our living room... I'll have to have you over and bounce some ideas off of you. It seriously turned out beautifully! LOVE the white next to the wall color!

  7. I love snooping, too! :) Everything looks great!

  8. Looks great. What color and brand is the paint? I love it. Thanx, Lorena

  9. Absolutely love this transformation. I've been looking for a side table for my tiny bedroom and would never have thought to use a stool like that! You are going to make Goodwill hunting so much easier for me, thank you. :)

    Everything about this room is beautiful and you have a kid that lives here!?! Looking forward to catching up around here ;)