Thursday, March 31, 2011

Trip To CO

Yesterday, we flew home from a somewhat unexpected trip to Colorado. My mom and step dad had some flyer miles that needed a little attention... so they flew Ev and I down for a week.

We left WA on a super sunny Wednesday morning.... it was the first sunny day in a VERY long time. The first flight was a 2 hour flight from Seattle to Denver. We sat next to two young boys from a foreign culture. They both asked if my wiggly, wild Everett was a girl, each of them at separate times, along with one of the flight attendants. Everett was wearing a brown onesie with brown and green striped pants. But whatever. The little boy sitting right next to me would get so mad whenever Everett touched his armrest, looked at him or made any sort of contact with him. "Is it a she?" "He's toughing me. Can you tell him to stop touching me?" "Can he talk?" "What's his name?" "What's your name?" "Why is he looking at me? Can you tell him to stop looking at me?" "When are we going to get something to drink?" "Can he walk?" "What CAN he do?" "How old is he?" "Where are you going? I'm going to Denver" In between all of these questions Everett pooped.

In Denver we had about an hour before we got on our connecting flight. This is when I discovered I didn't have my cell phone. I was supposed to call my mom to tell her what time my flight was going to get in... so some nice man let us use his phone. I love when strangers are nice.

We got on our much smaller connecting flight. It was less than half full. Everyone got their own row to even out the weight on the plane. It was nice that their was no one to get bothered by non-sleeping Everett. 

We finally got to Durango and found our family.  

(My mom and Ev)

Somewhere between WA and CO Everett got really watery eyes and a supper runny nose. It lasted for the first day and a half. He looked so sad and sickly.  

Everett fell in love with the cat, Sparky, and the little dog, Bindy. He would do a sort of super excited hyperventilating laugh every time they were around. He would chase them around the house too. It made me consider, for a very short moment, getting a pet.

Everett slept fine the first night in a borrowed pack-n-play, I didn't sleep a wink on a rapidly deflating air mattress.

The next day, Thursday, we just hung out and played some tunes:

My mom still has 3 school-aged babies at home. One in Kindergarten, one in Middle School, and one in High School... so we just went along with the everyday grind. My Grandma traveled from NM to visit us too.

(Random picture of Everett... Grandma, Bridget and my nose in the background)

Thursday night was a small nightmare. Ev wouldn't sleep in the pack-n-play and kept crying and rolling all around. He had a stuffy nose and couldn't breathe and suck on his pacifier at the same time. I brought him into my makeshift deflating bed, which didn't make my sleepless situation any better. I was a zombie by Friday.

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  1. I hate "babysitting" other people's kids on an airplane... the flight attendants ask me all the time if a minor can sit by me. It makes for a long flight! I'm glad you had fun in CO! I can't believe how fast your little boy is growing. I don't think he looks like a girl... :)