Sunday, March 20, 2011

Where Are You Sunshine...

I'm defrosting my last jar of raspberry freezer jam that I made from my own raspberries last year.

We left our raspberry bushes at our last house in hopes that the new tenant would enjoy a handful (or two) of goodness later this Summer.

We don't have any planted in our yard yet but we have our fingers crossed that my mother-in-law will need to thin out her bushes again.

I'm so anxious for Spring and Summer. Mostly Summer.

I've started some seeds inside this year. I thought it was a little smarter than trying to plant the seeds outside... and then having to plant them 5 more times because the weather won't cooperate.

I can't wait for my garden to grow. I mostly can't wait for the sun to shine...

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  1. Ditto. Spring can't come soon enough! And THANKS SO MUCH for that ADORABLE outfit! I will get you a thank you card soon, but I had to tell you that Zoe flipped when she saw it lol. She is totally into his clothes, and she just sat there and stared at the Moose :)