Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Weekend

The Saturday before Easter was perhaps the best Saturday of my life... at least of the year anyway.
The weather was beyond perfect, something you would only see in the movies. Saturday morning Jake and I decorated eggs... during Everett's beauty rest. Jake's eggs are hilarious, like always.

When Beauty Boy woke up Jake took him on a ride to the dump. They got rid of a bunch of fallen branches what wouldn't fit into the compost bin. Apparently they had a great time riding with the windows down, drinking water from a sippy cup, eating handfuls of Cheerios (okay, maybe just Everett) while the Easter Bunny hid their goodies in the yard.

The hunt.

(He only ended up with pink and blue eggs)

After Everett found 5 of the 42 eggs he decided he was done. He just sat in the grass and played with a pink egg for close to an hour. He loved everything about that egg and was so content playing with it and bending it in every direction possible.

Jake found the rest of the goods while Everett was soooo in love with the pink egg.

Then I practically had to beg for him to re-hide them for me. I love egg hunting! Jake is always pretty clever in his hiding spots.

  (Everett playing with my bucket and eggs.)

The weather was beautiful and super warm so we brought out the water toys. Everett was in little boy heaven!

It was over an hour past his 2nd naptime so we brought him in, cleaned him up and put him to bed. Jake went to pick up some more wood for the garden boxes and the soil while I made an Easter cake.

I was so in love with this cake, the batter was so thick and tasted like a sugar cookie. Delicious.

I really love baking. It's probably because baking usually = sweets. And this cake was no exception. I loved every second of making this cake... and test tasting it along the way!

When Jake was back and Everett was up, we filled the garden boxes with plastic and dirt and played on the swing (to keep Everett from eating the 60% soil 40% steer manure mix).

Everett loves his swing. We got it last Saturday (from Lowes). It's in the shape of a car and is decorated with some dirt bike stickers and his race car number (527 for his birthday May 27th).

Everett was the best kid ever on Saturday. I think it's because we spent the entire day outside. It was such a wonderful day for so many reasons, but Sunday was equally as good. The weather was not very nice, but church was awesome and dinner with the family was delicious. Our brother-in-law is Hawaiian and made some kind of pork... I have no idea what it was called or how he made it, but I ate a ton of it. Oh man was it good!

The grandparents had a Easter egg hunt for the kids...

...they ran out of candy so some of Everett's eggs had carrots, celery, cucumber slices or pennies in them. It was pretty funny because he never cared what was inside, he just wanted the egg. Easter was so great this year!

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