Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Eleven 11

Mr. Crazy Pants is 11 months old today.  

He smiles real big after he sneezes and you say 'bless you'. He refuses to let me be in the kitchen alone. I cook lunch and dinner with him on my hip, on my leg, or screaming in his high chair. He always wants to see what I am doing... and any object that I have/had becomes a coveted object. The computer, the phone, my cereal, the book I read scriptures to him out of, the camera, the keyboard...

(He pulled this one off of Jake's desk and onto the floor. He had been working at it for a few days)

This next picture was taken almost 3 weeks ago...

...cracks me up every time I see it. Babies and their phones!

He is still obsessed with the drain. He learned how to climb into the tub all by himself. I never taught him. He'll swing one leg over, get on the tub edge and then reach for the spout and pull himself in. I was so surprised the first time I heard silence for a second or two and went into the bathroom to find him in the tub without any loud thump or cry. Then I watched him do it the next day. Crazy kid.

He loves the drain!

He's a picky eater. So far he really, really likes cheese chunks, grilled cheese sandwiches, canned green beans, cereal, bread, and smoothies. Everything else is hit or miss depending on the day. Of course, he is a super messy eater too.

He doesn't mind getting washed up though. He LOVES the sink drain too! I can't hold him over the sink to do anything (wash his hands/face etc.) without him reaching for the drain and screaming.

He still thinks Jake is the most hilarious person in the world. On this particular night Jake was teaching him how to catch grapes in his mouth. Everett just soaks every second in!

Jake is also teaching him how to ride the longboard. Well, kind of!

He's got 4 teeth on the bottom and 2 on the top. He has Blevins eyes (my side), a Berner chin (Jake's side), Jake's eyebrows, and two cute little dimples when he smiles.

I'm having a REALLY hard time trying to find the motivation to cut his hair. I think that it is really cute long.. he even gets little curls on the side.

He probably would've been happy to be born outside. He's got a thing for dirt. He'll crawl over to the only dirt in our entire yard and sit in it, eat it, throw it... and he cries every time we bring him in.

He smiles with every bite of sugar. In this case it's marshmallow mateys.

He likes to play with his toys, especially when I play too. Any toy that requires a ball is his favorite but his all time favorite toy is the gum ball machine.

He still drinks a ton of formula and loves his bottle. Throughout the day he will pucker up his lips and move his mouth like he's drinking a bottle. It's super cute. He doesn't sleep without a pacifier and for sure won't sleep if it isn't dark in his room. He's been pretty good at sleeping through the night as long as we don't keep him up past his bedtime... and if we do keep him up we pay for it dearly. He is rotten for a week if he doesn't go to bed on time. I'm being so serious. Ask Jake.

He's extremely active and isn't allowed to go to the store anymore. He can (and will) wiggle himself out of any child safety strap in any cart... just give him 5 minutes. He screams and cries in the shopping cart. It's embarrassing. The keys, cell phone, and pacifier don't do the trick anymore. Out of desperation I put him in the basket once. I pulled up to the produce section and he grabbed a 5 pound bag of carrots and pulled himself out of the cart. I wish I were making this up, but I'm not. He's faster than lightning and louder than thunder.

Sometime, for fun, he will cough. He'll cough, look up at me and then smile. He jabbers all day... sometimes even yells for fun. He lights up like the 4th of July when ever he sees a dog or a cat. He acts like an animal every Sunday in church. Sunday + Everett = a small nightmare. If an active child means smart child then we have a genious on our hands!

He climbs on everything and he uses his crib mattress as a trampoline. He isn't even close to walking and I'm not one tiny bit upset about it. I can't imagine everything listed above on legs!

He makes me laugh really hard at least once a day. I really do love him.


  1. He is SO stinking cute. I NEED to meet him :)

  2. Love all of these pictures! I am saving and uploading that cell one to facebook in a minute too. I have to point out that THAT PICTURE WAS NOT STAGED! Lol. I just love the last pic with his hair up like that.

  3. He is SO Cute! I wouldn't cut his hair either, I love those little whispy curls :-)