Thursday, April 21, 2011

It's All In My Head

My mind is a jumble tonight 

(Everett cramming everything into the toy bubble gum machine)

I woke up with a headache the other day. I let it go for a few hours and then decided that I better take some meds. I opened up our cabinet and found some Extra Strength Tylenol. I twisted the cap so that the little arrows lined up... and then I saw the expiration date. 04/11. And then it suddenly dawned on me that it is April 2011. How did that happen? I swear it was just last year when all of the Y2K talk was going on. And now it's 2011 and I'm married with a baby...

Jake worked late last night. I had put Everett to bed and was ready to clean up the dinner mess when the exhaustion hit. I was so drained by the sun. I left the kitchen a mess and sat on the couch and watched TV.... Tyrell style. TLC extreme hoarding. And when that was over I kept watching... extreme couponing came on. I had never seen it before. I watched 2 episodes. I want to try it. It looks like the coolest, craziest thing ever!

My monster child loves to chew on my phone... and I let him. A few days ago my end/power button stopped working and it wouldn't hold a charge. It's happened a time or two before. So I pulled out the battery and let it dry out but this time it never turned back on. So I have a new phone and a new phone number. If you have called or text me in the last few days, I haven't received it yet so don't think I was ignoring you... but then again, I am the worlds worst phone call/text returner so you probably haven't thought too much of it.

There is definitely a lot crammed in my head right now but I can't stop thinking about how it's 2011. It's an easy concept to understand.... yes, time goes by... but I'm starting to think that I'm getting too old too fast. I look in the mirror and see wrinkles and discolored skin and all I can think about is how this is only the beginning. 29,873,926,438 wrinkles show up every time I smile. I should probably stop smiling. And I should probably start laying on my back when I sleep to avoid those deep wrinkles in my face. Maybe I could start cutting wrinkle creme coupons. But then I get a headache from thinking about it too much... and I'm back at square one. Cupboard. Tylenol. EXPIRED.... it's a vicious cycle.

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