Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Just Paint It White

Painting is NOT my most favorite thing. (Neither is sewing, but I like the outcome/finished product, so I do it anyway). But, I will tell you all I know about painting furniture.

I have painted a dresser, bench, chair, mirror, sofa table, stool, kitchen table & chairs, and a little shelf. The only thing that I sanded and primed was the dresser. Everything thing else... I just slapped a coat of paint on it. I have used the same can of white paint too.

Sometimes the ultra pure white was a little too bright, so I toned it down with a little bit of that oops paint. But I love the shine of the semi-gloss. (Flat paint is just WAY too boring!) I used a little roller for the dresser and kitchen table because they both had large flat surfaces, but I used a good quality brush on everything else.

I have only used about a quarter of that gallon of paint so far. As for the paint colors inside of the house?... the house was already painted when we moved in. Lucky us!

And that's all I know.

Any questions, just leave a comment or e-mail me:  tyrell.berner@hotmail.com
Happy painting!

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