Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Seattle Sounders

We went to the Seattle Sounders game last Saturday. Jake had to work the pre-game thing... so I got to come along. I didn't have to work the booth this time so I walked around with my friend Bria (Jake's co-worker's daughter) who got to come to the game too.

We stopped by the air brush tattoo booth and got some futball paint...

(Does anyone else love how albino I am?)

...and we hung out by the empty field.

On our way back to our booth a lady at the Supper Supplements booth asked if I wanted a coupon. I know what it's like to work at a public event, so I said sure. Then she asked if I wanted to enter a drawing for a Sounders jersey with a signature on it. I said sure again.

We missed the first 16 minutes and the first two goals of the game, but the rest was fun. I swear EVERYONE got hurt or kicked in the face. It was nuts and our goalie was AMAZING! The fan base for the Sounders is growing... there were 36,000 people there.

On Monday I got a phone call. I totally won the Supper Supplements giveaway. I was stoked. She said I won the Alonso jersey with his signature on it and a $50 gift card to Supper Supplements. I immediately googled Alonso to see if he was any good. Good? He was the 2010 player of the year!

I picked up the jersey today. It's totally awesome, but it's size L, so it's pretty much Jake's new jersey.

I'm totally jealous of Jake.


  1. I am totally jealous of you! Alonso has been my favorite player since season one!!! He is definitely getting really popular now though so it is a good jersey to have. Do you guys want to take pictures on Saturday? We dont have anything to do for once.

  2. Ok, just the fact that you won a drawing is freaking awesome! I never win stuff like that. I'm hoping the one time I FINALLY do, I'll just go big, like the $10,000 sweepstakes from pottery barn or something :) I figure I've racked up enough "not wins" for a big win lol. The game looks like fun! I should take Lee sometime.