Wednesday, April 6, 2011

T.P. Baby

I must clarify something.... the other day I basically wrote that we would only be a family of 3 forever and that I would never, EVER go visit family again... well that was all a lie. We hope to be blessed with a sibling for little Everett someday and I will for sure go and visit family too. I was just trying to express how difficult I felt the situation was. (but I know you already knew that... I just had to say it)


Mr. Wild Hair and I were hanging out in the living room today when we found a roll of toilet paper mixed in with the toys. (We use toilet paper instead of Kleenex when we blow our noses...) A few minutes later I walked out of the room and and I didn't hear hands and knees following me... I heard silence.

I seriously love this kid. He is so funny and is always getting into some sort of trouble. The other day I found him swishing one of his toys in the toilet water. So we've been keeping the lid closed... but then he learned how to open that too.

He was so good today. He was so good that I missed him during his naps and I wasn't even ready to put him to bed.

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