Saturday, May 28, 2011

1st Birthday Boy

Everett is quite the character.

 Lately, instead of smiling he will just stick his chin out and squint his eyes. It's hilarious.

Sometimes he fights his naps like a ninja.

His body is always cracking and popping.

Practically slides down the stairs now.

He’s been a much better eater and sooo much sweeter the last few weeks.

He loves to be sung to. His FAVORITE song is Happy Birthday! (I ran out of songs and started singing Happy Birthday a few months ago. He smiles every time. I have a feeling he will like birthdays as much as I do!)

New favorite food is Ramen noodles with shredded cheddar cheese.

LOVES the Kids Klub at the gym.

Still lights up like a Christmas tree when he sees a dog.

His pooper works for the most part. He still has some internal problems that we are trying to figure out.

He's in love with dirt.

Favorite sport: climbing. The stairs, the couch, us... anything he could possibly climb up.

Thinks that the tv remote is a toy. He records shows all of the time... like choo choo soul and other shows we have never even heard of. They just show up on our DVR!


For his birthday we went to the Dr. for his one year check up. He did so good. He is 30 inches long (55%), Weighs 23 pounds (50%), and his head is 19 inches (93% apparently he has a very large brain!). The doctor noticed that Everett is a sensitive little guy (which I already knew because I am super sensitive too) and he told me that I need to play hardball a little. I should make Everett a plate of food and if he doesn't eat it... then he can just go hungry. I thought that it was a little harsh for such a young age but he said that I need to start taking control. Of course we talked about other things too, but mostly that I need to toughen up a little (or a lot!).

Then our pregnant nurse went into labor. What a good day to have a baby!! Later Everett got his shots and some pretty sweet bandaids:

We came home and made some frosting for his birthday cake.

For dinner I got this genius idea to have things that I was craving when I was still pregnant with him. Hamburger Helper, candy orange slices, raspberry Zingers... but I just couldn't buy candy if we were having cake so we had Hamburger Helper, cantaloupe, and salad. Then it was time for presents and cake!

***WARNING!!! If you watch this video turn your volume down to like 5 (out of 100). Jake and I are crazy bad singers and we don't even try to to sing good... and plus we were way too loud. So make sure you turn it down, WAY down. And this video shows just how much Everett loves the birthday song. It's hilarious!!! (non-family will probably only want to watch the first 30 seconds).

We ran out of video memory before we could get the cake out... so we just have pictures of the cake.

(I LOVE these pictures!)

When it seemed like he had had enough, we took the cake away (mostly for fear of a frosting stomach ache) and he immediately cried.

 Oh man, I love this kid. He is so funny and is filled with so much energy and character. I can only imagine what another year will bring!

*I've been planning a big birthday party for a long time. It was supposed to be today (outside) but the weather said that the high was 58 with a 60% chance of rain. In WA 60% basically means 100% so I postponed the party. I'm so mad right now because it's nice and sunny with no rain. Oh well. Birthdays are meant to be celebrated for a week anyways!


  1. Nate and I were driving today at like 6, and we were like "Turned out to be nicer than it was suppose to" but hey, the weatherman said it was gonna rain a lot... next week will work out fine too =)

  2. LOL me and Andy are laughing so hard at him 1. Stop crying as soon as you sing 2. Trying to unstick the paper from his hands and shakes them in disgust 3. Taking every last bit of paper off of the present box