Sunday, May 15, 2011


Everett makes my laugh (out loud) everyday. Sometimes it is out of pure frustration... but most of the time it's because he's doing something that I find hilarious.

1. Everett was in the tub Friday night after a long day of playing in the dirt. As he splashed his hands wildly in the bath water the filth slowly washed off of his hands and body. During one of his splashing episodes he found his manhood... it was so hilarious to watch. He accidentally splashed his man parts and started laughing. Using his thumb and pointer finger he stretched it out and laughed again. He went back to splashing and then stretching and then splashing... it was so funny. I couldn't help but bust up because he was so amused with himself and his laugh was so mischievous. Boys.

2. I was vacuuming the stairs last night with the hose attachment. Everett, who was right by my side the whole time, grabbed the hose and let his fingers get sucked in. He thought it was so funny. I grabbed the hose and sucked up some of his hair (something my Mom used to do to us) and he thought that was equally funny. He grabbed the hose back and just like anything else, he tried to eat it. He opened his mouth up wide and brought the hose close... his tongue started flapping like a flag in the wind. I was laughing so hard. Then he closed his mouth and let his lips get sucked it. It was awesome.

(Everett crawled into his water toy by leaning the watering can over and climbing in. And then he stayed in there for an hour.)

*A huge thank you to everyone who left comments yesterday. You all turned my frown upside down and made me feel so much better. Thank you!


  1. Here's another hilarious story for ya. Just to make you smile...

    Kaden has a tool set from Handy Manny. One day I found him upstairs in his room, playing with the pliers and pinching his 'manhood'. I asked him what he was doing and he said, "I am fixing my dinkie!"
    I laughed so hard I wanted to cry. Why are they so fascinated with that thing???

  2. Oh my gosh...You both just made me laugh so hard. The vivion of the tongue flapping in the vacuum hose got me goin, but topped it off. I love you both, and your funny boys! :)