Sunday, May 1, 2011

May Flowers

On the last day of April we drove up north to the tulip fields. I had been wanting to go for a few weeks but it's a two hour drive just to look at the tulips... but we decided it would be worth it.

It was definitely worth it.

Everett slept for the first hour of the drive...

...but the second hour got a little rough.

Our little nino doesn't like to be all tied up.

As we got off of the freeway and onto the back roads, Jake and I couldn't help but fall in love with Mt. Vernon. It is so beautiful there and it reminds us of Utah. We would move there in a heartbeat- it is so beautiful. Big, huge, open fields with trees scattered here and there with the mountains in the background, rustic barns about to fall down and old charming houses... we were in love. And the tulips? Who wouldn't love the tulips?!

There were several fields to walk through so we just chose one and got out. It was so incredible.

We took Everett out of the stroller and started to take a few pictures.

 (One of my very favorite pictures)

It was warm and sunny. I'm not sure I could have asked for a better April Saturday.
Everett was pretty happy too. He really enjoyed crawling around the tulips

There was still a lot more to see so we put Everett back in the stroller and kept going.

We hadn't walked but 10 yards down the dirt road when he started trowing his toys and cheerios out of the stroller and trying to get out. I felt really bad knowing that he had been strapped in his car seat for two hours, that he would have to sit in his stroller the whole time we were going to be there, and then the two hours back home. So we walked up to the next dry patch of road and let him crawl around.

But, I swear, he is a mud magnet and found a way to get filthy in no time. I seriously don't even remember how it happened but in a matter of seconds he had crawled to the mud and laid down in it (see his forearms?). Neither one of us saw him in the mud until it was WAAAAY too late to do anything about it... so we took a little video

So we strapped our mud ball down and kept going. We weren't looking forward to cleaning the stroller later.

Everett wasn't interested in pictures.... just the flowers.

We got to this part of the field when Jake realized that Everett didn't have his cup of cheerios. He had thrown it overboard somewhere. We hadn't even walked around the entire field yet so Jake let me finish walking around taking pictures while he backtracked to find the cheerios.

Behind that fence was another field. It had all of the same flowers + yellow.

I met back up with Jake and Everett where we started. We took our mud baby back to the car and had a picnic. Everett was filthy.

The stroller was filthy too, but we don't have to worry about cleaning it up.... because Jake backed up over it as we were leaving. The stroller frame just collapsed and the two back wheels both slanted inward. He was able to bend the frame back most of the way. I kept telling him "don't fix it until it's broken" but he kept fixing it until the wheel fell off. The stroller is toast. The funny thing? We couldn't stop laughing. Normally I would let this kind of stuff eat at me... but it was just too funny to be mad.

After our filthy, jalopy stroller was loaded up, we stripped Everett down to the bare essentials and headed home.

What a day. What. A. Day.


  1. Absolutely gorgeous scenery!! BEAUTIFUL!! I think I am going tomorrow!

  2. AHHHHH i am sooo jealous. I was planning to go on Saturday too but we had to take the Sounders tickets last minute and we couldnt go :'( The festival was over on Saturday so we couldnt go today. Those pictures are awesome and i love when you are posing with muddy Everett.

  3. Ok, so I felt TERRIBLE that I didn't catch up with you at church yesterday! I swear I see no one and nothing right now... I'm too focused on the little acrobat in my belly. Anyways, I enjoyed your testimony :) And I think SOOO many of us can relate. Thankfully, it does get... well, more manageable. I think the crazy-ness just gets to be normal. Like if I'm sitting for more than 10 minutes without a princess trying to climb up all over me and yelling for something they NEED... something is probably wrong. Then again, the tender moments... when they say "I love you,"....yep. Nothing beats that. Those pictures are GORGEOUS by the way! I so wanna go buy some tulips now.

  4. Gorgeous!! Oh, and the tulips too. haha. (I was talking about how gorgeous you ARE!!) I love that you let Everett get muddy. I LOVE it. Good Mom. :)

  5. Absolutely gorgeous! (sniff, sniff). We went to our tulip festival the other day too...and the whole time I was thinking "Man, I wish I could go to Skagit Valley." Ours doesn't even compare. Gorgeous.