Monday, May 23, 2011

Oh Boys!

You might think that it's a tiny bit ridiculous that Everett has a navy blue and a baby blue bucket hat...

... but he doesn't! The baby blue hat belongs to his Best Bud, Sawyer:

We've had Sawyer over a few times to play and the two boys have a lot of fun together.

(Sawyer reading a book to Everett)

The two boys are as cute as can be but as different as can be... and that's why they are best buds already.


Sawyer is a really good eater. He even steals snacks right out of Ev's hands! He also points at everything.

(Everett is always chewing on his pointer finger)

Sawyer has little paws for hands and Twinkies for feet whereas Everett has piano fingers and long skinny feet.

(Sawyers paws)

He does a bear crawl when the ground it too hard or when he is on the grass. Everett does a little prance crawl on and over everything... no matter how sharp, poky, or hard it is (sometimes I think Everett gets rug burn from how fast and hard he crawls).

(Smart little Sawyer! Look at those tiny hands and feet!)

When I hold Everett's hands to help him walk, he does lunge-stomps. He takes the biggest steps and sounds like Big Foot because he stomps with such force. Sawyer does the cutest little penguin waddle with little bitty steps.

When Everett cries, the whole world hears it (he's got Celine Dion lungs!)... but Sawyer's cry is a lot softer and much quieter.

Sawyer cracks me up when he pushes out his upper lip and takes really fast, short breaths out of his nose. It's so cute. He also sticks out his tongue a lot and smiles with his top teeth.

Everett has a wide smile that practically goes from ear to ear and hardly ever shows his teeth.

(This is only a half smile- it gets WAY bigger!)

They both like bike rides though. The first time Sawyer came with us on a bike ride he sang the entire time.

Before the ride:

After the ride:
(Once they switched pacifiers during the bike ride. Only boys would do that!)
They are only 24 days apart so I am getting a tiny taste of what it would be like to have twin 1 year-old boys. It would be nuts! NUTS! Sawyer is much more laid back than Everett, but it would still be so hard. One day their schedules were complete opposites of each other and I thought I was going to die!
It's so fun to watch these boys grow together. There is no guarantee that they will grow up to be real best friends... but just in case they do, I will have lots of cute pictures to prove that they were baby best friends.
I also have this cute video. Jake at I almost died of laughter when Everett looked right into the camera (it's worth watching just for that! It's at 1:30ish). They both sing to the radio too.



  1. This post was hilarious! Sawyer does have twinkie feet LOL. My favorite is the "after" picture of the bike ride though.

  2. They are the cutest best friends in the whole wide world! I love all the adorable pics :) And yes they are way completely totally different, but that's why opposites attract right? So adorable! CUTE CUTE BOYS!

  3. How fun, they will probably fight over the same girl someday too... The Webb girl LOL jk

  4. Hey, I emailed you... did you get it?

  5. How fitting is that song? Ev kept pulling out wipes, time after time. And I love the snot wipe.