Wednesday, May 25, 2011


This past weekend my 17 year old sister in law called and asked if I would take some prom pictures for her. I took it as a compliment and agreed. A few days later she called and asked me to meet them on Ruston Way (the waterfront) in Tacoma. I knew that she and her date were with a few other couples… so I expected to see a bunch of parents taking pictures of their kids, too.

It turns out that I was the only one taking pictures. They had their limo driver take them all of the way out to Tacoma just to take pictures on the waterfront…. And they asked me to do it! I was a little embarrassed because I didn’t realize that my sister-in-law really thought that I was good enough to do a little prom photo shoot.

So I did what I could. I think they turned out pretty good given what I had to work with. It was 8 p.m. (so the lighting wasn’t awesome) and there were a few odd couples. One girl asked the boy to the prom and he was a real winner. I asked them to hold hands for the picture and he grabbed her wrist and it looked awkward. Then I asked him to hold her hand, not her wrist… and he dropped the wrist hold and said, “You know that we aren’t dating, right?” I wanted to swear at him because the girl obviously saw something in him that I couldn’t and had asked him to prom… and he wouldn’t even hold her hand for a picture! I was so mad… finally she grabbed his hand and held it long enough for one picture.

At least they were good sports about the jumping picture!

And this was a little bit awkward. I didn't know if they were just friends or actual dates...

...they were just friends.

I learned how awkward it is to pose people... cool picture though, minus the awkward pose.

 The Guys

The girls

Group pictures

I was pretty happy how they turned out...  everyone else loves them.


  1. They look good! That is so funny you became a group photographer and didn't know it.

  2. I think you are definintely qualified to be any type of photographer, your pictures always are so awesome! These ones turned out great!