Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Water Cup & A Hair Cut

I got a brochure in the mail the other day. I've been getting them every couple of months and they correspond with Everett's age. The one that just came in the mail said that by 12 months Everett should be drinking out of a sippy cup. Not a 'no-spill' sippy cup... a real sippy cup.

A.K.A a watering can!

So I got him one so we could practice. He sure does like his little watering can. He took it outside on Friday and threw it in one of the empty pots.

I'm pretty sure he only threw it in there as an excuse to climb in.

He was trying so hard to get in. He was determined.

He eventually got in with a little help

And then he cracked me up. He would rub his bum on the back of the flower pot. He would stand up and then rub it on his way down... he did it so many times. I was dying of laughter.

On Sunday he was playing with his watering can again.... watering his feet this time.

Then Dad made a strawberry pina colada slushy. Everett was in love.

(Random picture of Everett)

I finally found my motivation to cut his hair on Sunday. We were in church and his hair kept getting in his eyes and he wouldn't stop rubbing them. His 'bangs' were past his eyebrows:

So we strapped him in this car swing and he got his first haircut. He is a wiggly little fella so Jake did some major entertaining while I cut his wispy curls and long bangs. I had no idea what I was doing... but whatever I did, I did it fast.

Everett was soaked by the end of his haircut. Jake's entertainment consisted of him spitting water up in the air like a fountain. When I needed to get the back of Everett's hair and have him look down, Jake laid on the grass and shot water out of his mouth... a few time it got Everett. But Ev liked it and we had no other choice!

I couldn't wait to see how it ended up so after a bath, Jake blow dried Everett's hair. While Jake was drying Everett's hair he said, "Alright my little Justin Bieber..." it was the funniest thing ever.

We both love the new hair cut. It makes him look even more like a 'big' little boy. Here are the best pictures I could roundup:

His bangs are still long, just not as long. His hair is still growing in in certain spots so it looks a little uneven but I'm super happy with how it turned out.

We love our little guy!


  1. WOW! That looks really good! I need to get sawyer one of those since he's starting to look like a girl :( The way he whips his head to dodge us wiping his nose i am so scared of a scissors to the eye. We may have to enlist your help soon!

  2. Ok, so I STILL give the girls "no spill" sippy cups. Granted, they typically drink out of watering cans as well, but when we are on the road and I don't want water all over my car, the no spill comes along. For that age, my favorite no spills are the Nuby sippies. They have tops with the same kind of rubber as bottles. Anyways, AWESOME hair cut! He is SO dang cute, you make me SOOO excited to have a little boy :) Messes and all. I think its just awesome. And I love the cute flower pot pics, what a clever little guy!

  3. haha. I was going to say the same thing as Megan...my kids aren't allowed to drink out of a cup, UNLESS it is a NO SPILL sippy!!

  4. You are seriously the best mom ever! Is there anything you can't do?!