Sunday, June 5, 2011

1st Survival Party

Everett's first birthday party was on Saturday and I'm pretty sure he was in little boy heaven! It was a great day for a birthday celebration.

We sent out invitations that announced 'we survived the first year- come and celebrate at our backyard BBQ...' and we meant it! The first year was so dang hard and we wanted to celebrate that we made it!

The morning of the party, we were planning on 19 adults and 18 kids. As the morning turned into evening the numbers were cut in half. We were bummed that so many friends couldn't make it to the best 1st birthday party ever... but we had a great time with the friends that could make it.

We had hamburgers, hot dogs, fruit kabobs, THE BEST potato salad EVER (that Jake made), chips, soda, water, and some super delicious lemonade.

It was such a warm day- perfect for a backyard BBQ. We played horseshoes, latterball, and yard darts while the chocolate melted off of the pretzels.

Everett had two older girlfriends help him unwrap presents- and lots of kids to help him play with them!

Everett couldn't wait for his cake frosting so we sang happy birthday so he could dig in.

He's a big fan of the frosting! He had frosting on the bottom of his feet by the time he was done.

3 kids (and their parents) had to leave before this picture... but here are the best friends!

And who likes to brag... but I made the best cupcakes ever. It's probably because I made 7 different cupcakes and 4 different frostings until I found the right combo.... but man, they were delicious. I couldn't stop telling myself how amazing they were!  

It was such a fun day. It took a lot of planning, stressing, hoping, and wishing but I'm pretty sure it was Everett's best 1st birthday (party) ever! : )

And it was a pretty good survival party for us too!


  1. Looks like you all had a great day! Happy Birthday Everett.. cute decorations :)

  2. Awesome party! Everything was so good and it was fun :)

  3. it was such a nice day! i loved the green and blue together, it went nice =)
    i loved those little twins! i am glad they came to the party!

  4. It was so fun, Tyrell. The food was great and the decorations were darling! We had lots of fun. Sorry we had to leave early. Here's to another year of survival!! :)

  5. So cute Tyrell! I'm SO sorry I didn't make it. I was super bummed that Lee wasn't here to help me out... I'll pull it together eventually. Your decorations are SO STINKING CUTE!!! I love how creative you are :)

  6. I think it is safe to say you more than survived the first year! Everett is such a cute little boy. Good work. It only get easier in a lot of ways after the first year.

  7. The party looked so cute! Congrats on flying through the first year. You're an amazing mother and Ev is so lucky to have the parents he does. :-)