Tuesday, June 21, 2011

500 Days Of Summer

On the first day of Summer I couldn't have asked for better weather! It was seriously awesome. It was a perfect day to spend outside- and we did just that.

First, this little monster needed a hair cut.... like really bad.

So I loaded him into his car swing, gave him a couple otter pops, and cut off 2 inches of hair!!!

(Mom, Dad? Do these pictures look like me or what!? But I don't know... maybe I'm just wishing I was that cute?)

His hair was so long!

I guess it took me a little too long to cut his hair because these were the only faces I could get after the hair cut!

After the hair cut we decided to have some lunch outside.

 (I swear he's not flipping me off!)

The filthy guy ate played with beef raviolis and frozen blueberries... what a combo.

He even offered me some!

When we got cleaned up I tried to get a picture of his new hair cut but he wouldn't even look at me. When I finally got him to look up he had a super annoyed look on his face: "Mom! JUST LET ME PLAY!"

I finally got a few good ones before the hat went on.

It was so hot... I was like sweating my brains out. Luckily it was time for a nap so we went inside for Everett's afternoon nap. I kept him in his swim diaper and trunks- worst mistake ever. I went back outside to clean some things up and came back in 20 min later. Everett was just talking to himself in his crib... soon he started crying. I went in there and smelled the smell. I picked him up to change him and poo squirted up the back of his diaper and onto everything. It was the most awful experience of my life!!!

Much later in the day Dad came home and it was time for our family date. We shared a burrito at Qdoba...

...and then had Mile High Mud Pie from the Ram. (best mistake ever!!!)

After Everett was done destroying everything in sight, he decided to climb up the cement frog.

Jake was so proud that Everett kept climbing up on his own. It made him so excited (and anxious) to teach Everett how to rock climb. (Here's the link to watch the video of him climb up... and some of his classic screams.)

Today was seriously awesome. I am a little sun burned but it feels so good! And do you know what else feels good?... this is my 500th post. CRAZY! And not a single page of it has been made into a blog book yet. I better get crackin!


  1. Love the hair cut! So handsome! Yeah I finally made my blog into a book and I love it! It is fun to be able to flip through and see stuff I hardly remember even writing.

  2. Cute hair! Have you tried cutting it dry? That is how i normally have people cut my hair because they say you can see the end result better. It might be easier or harder that way on babies- not sure but we did dry for sawyer and it was pretty easy.

    That cake looks tasty...they give them free on your birthday if they sing you the song haha it might be dangerous for me this summer since i work 2 stores away from the Ram haha.