Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Bear Named SMU

Everett's great-grandpa sent a teddy bear when Everett was born. I decided to take pictures of Everett and the bear named SMU every month until he was a year old... to see how much he'd grown.

The first few months were easy. The only hard thing was trying to remember to take the picture!

The older he got- the harder it was to get a picture. I had to distract him with toys and funny faces just to get a few pictures.

And then the real challenge was when he started wrestling with SMU and throwing him off the chair before I even got a picture taken!

I love to see how much Everett has grown in those pictures... but these one's are my real favorites:

I can't get over his smile in this one!

Grabbing SMU's collar and punching him in the back of the head... and stepping on his guts!

These are just funny to me....

Holding SMU's hand

Reading SMU a story

Crying because he bonked his head of the arm rest.

Clawing at his nose...

Giving SMU a titty twister!

Giving his buddy a hug

Picking him up and throwing him off of the chair!

And once they were on the ground it was game over...

These pictures were fun to take but I am secretly glad they are over... they were getting impossible to take!

I love Everett... and he loves SMU!


  1. Those pictures are sooooo cute. Who named the bear?

  2. My aunt took pictures each month of her daughter and she forgot one month in the first year and was so sad!!!

    these pictures are awesome, great memories

  3. I like the comparing him to an object- I'm doing that with the next baby we have! We have him in all the same outfit as he grows into it, but if we set him next to something that would improve! I hear ya on the remembering- I started with the day he turned that month, but now it is the middle of the month haha.