Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Bucket Hat To Ball Cap

I put a navy blue bucket hat on Everett every time we are outside. That way his eyes are shaded from the sun and I don't have to worry about putting sunscreen on his neck and ears. Well.... we live in an older/established neighborhood (with lots of retired-age people) and whenever we run into a neighbor they think Everett is a girl. I think that they think the bucket hat is a bonnet!

Then my friend blogged about some cute baby hats her sister makes. They are adorable. I thought that a ball cap might signify boyishness better than a bonnet... so I spent a couple naptimes making a new hat for Everett.... and one for Sawyer too!

(Sawyer is a much better hat model)

The hats are nowhere near perfect but I think they're adorable. I didn't have a pattern and I've definitely never made a hat before- so I took a hat that I had and tried my best to copy it. Both hats are made out of Jake's old firefighter T-shirt and knit scraps.

The first hat I made was orange and white with a green bill. It would've been awesome but I messed it up pretty bad.... then I came up with this one and I couldn't be happier!

*Now you know why Sawyer is a better hat model!

It's been pretty cloudy the last few days so we haven't had a real opportunity to try the hats out. If Ev leaves his hat on while outside I have a feeling I'll make a million more. They are just so cute!


  1. I. LOVE. THEM!!! They are adorable!!!!!!!

  2. Those are amazing! You are so talented! They will match their matching shirts too! You could make money off those they are that good :) I am jealous of your skills right now lol. Thanks for including Sawyer! P.S. love the hat hair in the last pic