Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A Few Things To Remember

Anyone want to see the first hat that I made and totally messed up on? Whelp, here it it!

I just love these pictures way too much not to post them. It seems like if I don't post pictures they just get lost somewhere in the computer... never to be seen again.

See those funny grape pictures above?... well after I took those pictures I was laughing so hard because he would pick a grape off with his fingers and then try to attach it back to the vine. It was cute.

Remember how Sawyer points at everything? Well on Monday I was feeding the boys lunch and Sawyer tooted and then pointed at Everett. I laughed for a solid 5 minutes. No joke!

Remember that Jake can't smell? Well about a month ago he told me that a mom and little girl (talking, but still in diapers) were in his office. During the appointment the mom caught a whiff of her daughter's diaper and quickly apologized to Jake and then asked her daughter, "Did you just go number 2?" then her daughter thought for a second and then said, "no, number 9!" I laughed so hard when he told me that! I guess potty humor never gets old.

This past weekend we were visiting family and Everett decided to be a little monkey. He was cracking us up!

He was hanging there forever! When he lost his grip he just wanted right back up again.

Those were just a few things I didn't want to forget.

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