Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day 2011

Everett wanted to wish his dad a happy father's day... but he was too busy crying. He's been getting 2 more teeth on the bottom and life is no fun for this little guy right now.

I wanted to get a picture of these guys in their church sweaters but I got pictures of what Everett's been looking like lately instead.

He's been super uncomfortable and terribly upset all weekend.

But he's always happy to be playing with his water toy... even on a cloudy, cold father's day.

But if he were feeling up to it, I'm sure Everett would give Jake a big hug and say:


  1. HAHAHA that first picture made me LOL. I like both of their sweater vests! Cute collage!

  2. Hey Tyrelle,
    Can I have yours and Jakes mailing address, I want to send you guys a wedding invite... it or 245-5341. Thanks,
    Marissa Matthews

  3. Ok, I totally feel for poor little Everett.. that being said, those pics are ADORABLE!!!!! He is such a cute kiddo!!!