Sunday, June 12, 2011

Hard Time Leaving

The first time we braved the 14 hour car ride from Utah to Washington I wondered why everyone didn't live in Washington. It was the summer of 2006 and we had just gotten married, we were on our way to our second wedding reception and decided that we'd rather drive, than fly, our gifts back home. The terrain turned from dry and dusty desert land of Utah to the farmlands of Idaho and Oregon, across the orchards of Eastern Washington, and through the heavily wooded White Pass into Western Washington. While we were winding through the roads of White Pass my jaw dropped open. I had never been anywhere so beautiful in my life. The heavy and overgrown vegetation, cool mountain air, the lakes, the cabins, little runoff waterfalls dotting the side of the mountain; I was so happy to get out of the near 100 degree desert heat but I had no idea that this was waiting for me. At that point I was willing to turn the car around, pack everything we owned and move to Washington.

And that's pretty much what we did.  Less than a year later we were making the same 14 hour drive to our new home in Washington State

By the time we moved to Washington I had visited the Evergreen state a total of 4 times, all in the Summer. I had no idea that Winter lasted 6 months and Spring/Summer/Fall split the remaining 6. The first 3 years were hard and incredibly depressing. The heavy and overgrown vegetation was choking me and I felt trapped with the always grey and overcast skies. My body ached just to be warmed by the sun and I never wanted to see those cute little waterfalls again, or any falling water for that matter. I wanted nothing but that 100 degree desert heat and wondered why ANYONE would (and how they could) live in Washington.
The first time I flew out of the SeaTac airport I was so mad. I was mad because once we broke through that low layer of grey clouds I saw the sun and clear blue skies. It was there all along but we couldn't ever see it... and I was mad. On the flight back I just cried.

It's been a long journey but now I know how people can live here. It's so beautiful; and besides the fact that Mt. Rainier could erupt any day, I feel safe. Plenty of things can still threaten our safety (like earthquakes and floods in certain areas) but at least I've never felt like I was going to shrivel up and die from the lack of water. And sometimes I even like the sun protection factor the clouds have.... they make the perfect shade for taking pictures.

Late Spring and early Summer is probably the most beautiful season. The lilacs, rhododendrons, tulips, daffodils, iris, and flowering trees bloom and they make everything smell sooooo good!

{The Rhododendrons bloom in (I swear) dozens of colors but we only have purple at our house.}

I really love living in Washington. It still gets hard but I think every place has a hard season to bear. It took me a long time to focus on the positive- instead of negative- things about Washington but I can actually say that I like living here now. I'd have a really hard time leaving if we ever had to.


  1. That's why we left WA. I couldn't handle the 10+ months of winter/fall/spring. I do agree though, the 2 months of summer are the MOST beautiful anywhere. I LOVE Seattle in the summer. I did find that a light box made a BIG difference though. This website explains what it is, but I'm sure you can find cheaper ones and most insurance companies will pay for them with a prescription.. You take amazing photos, they're beautiful!

  2. Lol it is funny because I was opposite! I was used to here, the green and overcast (i like not having to squint or wear sunglasses everywhere) and I moved to the desert where there wasn't much to do outdoors and it was all just brown. Maybe I fake tan too much to get depressed though lol ;) I love your pictures by the way. I was afraid by the title of your post that you were moving again! I'm glad WA has grown on you, we like you guys here haha :)

  3. I have lived in WA all my life (minus a brief few years after getting married) and its still hard for me some times. But I so agree, its more beautiful here than most other places. I LOVE the Fall here. And I love that we have pumpkin patches and christmas tree farms. I never knew other places just didn't have them, and did all their holiday pumpkin and tree shopping from a store parking lot, which was seriously depressing to me. I love your pictures :) You are really good at nature pics! I want to live in your back yard so I can enjoy all the pretty flowers... I need to plant some around here.