Saturday, June 25, 2011

I Was So Mad

I'd been dying to go on a hike and all of our weekends have been booked up until today. But then last minute Jake went to help a friend frame a garage. (Which, in his defence, I was totally okay with him going.)

Everett has been Captain Naughty lately and today he was working double time. I had to get us out of the house for my own sanity so I sent Jake a text that said, "Everett and I are going on a hike at 2:30. You can come if you want." I was so mad and I needed a break.

Luckily he made it home in enough time to hike with us... but I was mad and pouted the entire drive to our hike. I am such a pouter. But I couldn't be mad once we got out and saw how beautiful it was.

Everett fell asleep in the backpack holding on to Jake's fingers

A gigantic tree we found along the trail

Looking straight up the HUGE tree

We stopped by a park on the way home and Everett had blast.

He crawled up the stairs, slid down the slide (always backwards and on his tummy), and then crawled over to the stairs and did it all over again.

There was a really big hill next to the park and Jake was trying to teach Everett how to roll down it. Everett would laugh watching Jake roll down and then he would turn around and crawl backwards down the hill. I guess he thought he was rolling. It was hilarious.

And then we loaded Everett in the car so we could go home and he cried. He cried the entire way home (45 minutes). I was so mad.

He's such a punk every time he doesn't get his way and he throws the biggest 1-year-old fits ever. But I guess he takes after me because I pout and get mad when things aren't going my way, too.


  1. Where did you hike? Also, it was good Jake made it so you didnt have to have that baby backpack on the entire time lol

  2. Next time, come hike in the rain forest behind our house. It's way closer, it's gorgeous and your drive home would be shorter... And don't worry, we all pout...