Monday, June 27, 2011

Baby To Kid

Jake and Everett eating Costco pizza months ago

I clearly remember not wanting to be one of those people, that when asked the age of their child, gave it to you in months. But now I get why they do it.

I was buying new running shoes the other day and this little tiny girl walked by me. I asked her mom how old she was... she said "15 months." I was grateful that she didn't say "she's 1" because I would have been left wondering exactly how old she was (you know, because I was probably sizing her up against Everett...).

Anyway, Everett is 13 months today and he keeps changing like... a dirty diaper... I mean, the wind.

Whenever we drive by the park he grunts and whines because he wants to play. He's been eating WAY better. He loves to sneeze. He still wakes up at night- at least twice a week but he's pretty good at falling back to sleep on his own. He screams A LOT (just for fun) and it is REALLY high pitched and loud. HE IS LOUD. He is good in church as long as he is eating something. He loves to play in the water and goes though about 4 changes of clothes a day. He is familiar with timeout. He knows when he isn't supposed to do something (we only have two rules that he gets a timeout for. Eating/playing with the dirt in the house plants and pulling the flowers out of the flower pots outside). He gets that mischievous little boy look on his face every time he is about to do something naughty. He is a dare devil. He thinks cake pans and kitchen utilises are toys. He eats cereal every morning for breakfast- with his hands. He is starting to figure out the spoon. He cries 100% of the time when Jake is changing his diaper. He still follows me around and cries until I pick him up. (I feel like he's going to do this forever... and I know he won't do it when he's 10... I just wish he would magically stop crying at my feet all day long.) Sometimes he will say 'up' but he's not consistent enough for us call it his first word. He mostly just screams all day (like a 3rd grader at recess).

And that is little Everett in a nutshell.


  1. So THAT'S where Sawyer learned to start screaming so loudly.... lol

  2. Ok, Tyrell, you crack me up. You are adorable. I just love the way you write about that cute little guy. Everett is a lucky little boy. I know a while back you said you wanted to start writing more positively, and I have to say, I think you are doing a superb job. You always sound so upbeat and lighthearted about everything... and I wanted to compliment you on that. I just LOVE reading your blog. Seriously. Puts a bright spot in my day. Its nice to know that I'm not the only mom with kids that scream and whine all day... and it's nice knowing moms that can laugh about it and cry about it too :)