Friday, June 3, 2011

This Is Me

Everett and I on Prom night

I love the smell of sunscreen and the sound of a chainsaw.

I try not to work out next to really skinny, tan people.

I obsess over money. I always have.

I seriously dislike going to the grocery store. It drains me emotionally. (I'm pretty sure I am a Highly Sensitive Person)

I haven't cut my hair in over 18 months.

I don't own perfume.

You couldn't pay me to watch Sex in the City.

If I had all the money in the world and HAD to hire 2 people to work for me... I would hire a chef and a chauffeur.

I'm terribly forgetful.

I can't just chat with anybody unless they are overly friendly to me.

I look like a man when I'm not wearing mascara.

My style consists of: jeans/carpi's, while tennis shoes/flip flops, and solid color shirts. A little boring but safe.

I workout because I eat alot. I eat alot because I workout.

One of my least favorite phrases is, "to be honest."

I am insecure.

I wear a size 8 shoe- and I am only 5'2"

I am smart. I am understanding. I am funny. I am shy. I am beautiful. This is me.


  1. And I Love you for who you are. Thanks for being you. YOU make me happy. :)

  2. Awesome post Tyrell :D I feel terrible that I didn't make it over there today! I hope the party was a blast. One day I will be normal and get out of the house again, but I'm finding 3 kiddos to be a bit overwhelming at the moment... (I'm sure you understand, but I miss seeing you!)girls night soon for SURE ... and I also try not to work out next to skinny tan people. I'd rather just leave the gym and eat a box of doughnuts while watching a movie.