Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Ocean Shores

Saturday was a super nice, hot day. We woke up early, made cookies and treats for our weekend at the beach, packed everything we could think of, and made our way to Ocean Shores.

Everett is a little loudmouth in the car. He did pretty good but I had to give him a cookie at one point just so he would be quite. He loved the cookie and we loved our peace.

We made it to our campsite after about 3 1/2 hours. We set up camp and then went to check out the beach.

We knew it would be cool on the beach because Washington beaches are almost always cold... but it was a little cooler than we thought so Jake put his sweater on Everett...

... it made him look like a hunchback baby. It was so funny. And then Everett gave us the sweetest smile ever! He's such a handsome little boy and that smile is so adorable to me.

We made it back to camp just in time to have some classic camping food. Chili dogs and Frito chili pie.

When it was time for bed we stuffed Everett into 4 pairs of pajamas to make sure he would stay warm. He looked so chunky, it was hilarious.

(*Apparently I can only blog about trips one day at a time. I take too many pictures to post a whole trip in one blog post.... )

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  1. LOVE the tyrell photos of Jake. Excellent! Looks like a fun trip!