Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Sunday morning we woke up early and went to go see the petroglyphs. They were within walking distance from the hotel and we hadn't seen them yet.

(The sign that explains about the petroglyphs)


I was really fascinated by the petroglyphs and the history behind them.

On one of the first days we were in Hawaii we heard one of the locals say that the Big Island is the spiritual island- I was starting to understand what he meant.

Then we flew home.

I was so sad to leave Hawaii but soooo excited to see Everett. Jake slept a majority of the flight home but it seemed like every time I looked at him, his face was peeling more and more. The sunburn on his forehead blistered and then peeled off... just like the sunburn on his chest, back, scalp, and arms.

Jake's parents picked us up from the airport around 8:00 Sunday evening and the sky was dark and angry. I have never seen WA look so ugly and depressing in my entire life. I wanted to grab Everett and fly back to Hawaii as fast as I could... instead, we went home and let him stay up until 11:00 because me missed him so much! We were really happy that he didn't learn to walk while we were gone... we were sad enough to miss seeing him stand up by himself.

It was such a fantastic trip and I've had a great time re-living the week through the pictures/blogging about it. We are so fortunate to be a part of such a great company and I am so proud of Jake for how hard he works. We both make a lot of sacrifices for his success (like so much time spent away from home and being self employed means you are ALWAYS at work) but trips like this make it all seem worth it.

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