Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Queen's Marketplace & More

Tuesday morning we woke up and went for a run (after we ate our cereal and milk we bought the night before for $7/box of cereal and $11/jug of milk). We slept in... so it was about 8:30 before we were out running and it was already super hot. We started running on the sidewalk outside of the hotel and then started to follow another runner... but we couldn't keep up and lost him. We ended up on the beach.

Our bus driver (from the day before) was telling us about Hawaiian graffiti. People will take the white coral that washes up on the beach and arrange it into words/pictures on the black lava. We saw TONS and TONS of it on the way in and thought that we'd leave our mark, too.
Jake, Everett, Tyrell

The lava was so cool to us- we couldn't get over how much of it there was.   

(You can't really tell in the picture, but I was standing on top of a lava mound.)

There were even some tide pools with little fish and creatures in there.

On the trail that leads back to the main road, we passed by these pools. They were so cool and crazy colorful.

We finally made our way back to the hotel and were ready to check out the lagoon.

(I guess I did take a picture of the hotel... well, one of the 3 towers, anyway)

At the hotel they have a lagoon that you can snorkel in... or paddle boat, kayak, or whatever else you want to do.

We brought our snorkels.... part of the rubber on my goggles was a little green from all of the snorkeling we've done in the past! Awesome.

It was an ocean-fed lagoon so all of the fish, eels, and turtles that we saw swam in there voluntarily. The water was a little chilly but we saw 3 turtles (Jake even touched one- we were SO close to them!), several different types of fish, and 2 eels. There wasn't any coral because it was a man-made lagoon.

We laid out in the sun for a while. I felt like it was the first time my body was warmed by the sun in years.... and it was amazing.

We hadn't even been there for a day and I was already excited to take some pictures. Every time I walked past a flower, pond, fish, building, palm tree, pool, sculpture... it was just calling out for me to take a picture of it. (I think I have a sickness because I took over 1,600 pictures!)

They even had 3 dolphins at the hotel and one of them was pregnant.

Anyone want to get married in Hawaii? There was a chapel at our hotel, too.

This hotel was insanely huge. At times it was uncomfortably big... 32 acres big. But all along the walking paths there were statues, paintings, and sculptures that were pretty cool. There were thousands... but my favorite was the fish. Later I learned that the fish mouth was an ashtray.... still cool, but not as cool.

Jake found a sun-dried crab on the rocks.

We were getting pretty hungry so we got dressed and caught the shuttle over to the Marriott (which was two blocks from the Queen's Marketplace). We checked out some of the shops and ended up having a blizzard for lunch because it was already 4:00 and Jake found a Sushi place he wanted to eat at for dinner.

Jake has got to be one of the funniest guys that I know. We went into Quicksilver and he put on a little fashion show... of the hats he tried on said Reckless and I wish we would have bought it- his nickname is Earthquake Jake for a reason!

Jake brought his new kite to Hawaii and he was itchin' to fly the thing... so we walked back to the Marriott where they had a sandy beach. I took a million pictures along the way.

Inside of the Marriott lobby they had pineapple water and it was sooooo delicious.

Before we walked over to the Marriott I bought some really sweet flip flops at a bike shop. I tried them on and decided I couldn't take another step without them on my feet. They are made out of recycled yoga mat (that's how comfortable they are)... I got them wet on the walk over and they started foaming. It made me wonder if they washed the yoga mats before they recycled them!

We finally made it to the beach and Jake rolled out the strings to his kite.

Do you see, on the right side of Jake, that there is water and then more sand and beach on the other side?... well, it all used to be connected before the earthquake in Japan.

Then I took my turn flying the kite. The wind wasn't nearly as strong as the wind at Ocean Shores (WA) but it was still strong enough to drag me across the sand a little bit. It really is a lot of fun.

I tried to find some shells to bring back to Everett... but all I could find were these:

We eventually made our way back to the Queen's Marketplace for some Sushi at Sansei's.

We both really like sushi but Jake is much more adventurous than I am. He kept on ordering things with raw fish (which I think is a little too chewy/soft/slimy) so I ordered tempura vegetables. We were both in heaven.

No matter how full we get (at any meal) we always have room for ice cream. Here's to being on Vacation!


  1. -BEAUTIFUL pictures!!!

    -I can't believe you took your camera on a run lol

    -I can't believe you packed your big kite (but awesome that you did)

    -Everyone told me stuff was expensive in Hawaii (like milk) but i had no idea what they were talking about because it wasnt in Kauai (it isnt a touristy place) but now i get what they mean!

    -That coral is AWESOME!!!

    -I am a nerd for geology so that lava is really cool

    -Those lizards creep me out because I think of the parent trap when it went in the lady's mouth. Andy called them butikis (sp?) because thats what they were called in the philippines

    -DQ is awesome everywhere

  2. This is so incredible! I can't wait to hear more!

  3. lol lol lol my dad use to tell kailee to wait to get married in 2020 hawaii temple and we would all travel for her destination wedding and then she can stay for her honeymoon and all of us could too LOL funny you mentioned getting married there

  4. Man, I miss Hawaii. Next time we go I think we will have to visit a different Island. The only times we have gone its been to Oahu. Looks like you guys had a blast!

  5. I miss Hawaii... but I think I am in love with your pictures... maybe you could send me some of them so I can blow them up? I was trying to find out picts from Hawaii to do that with, but I can figure out where we put them :-)