Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sh#*%y Savings

Everett might not be walking and talking.... BUT he has amazing eye-hand coordination. He can stack up to 6 blocks, eats with a spoon, can put a straw in the hole in the lid, and puts his wooden train set together. Last Tuesday I thought he might be interested in saving for college... so I gave him a bunch of pennies and his piggy bank. He concentrated really hard and learned how to turn the penny the right way to drop it in his bank. He was a pro after a few pennies.

He was having a great time. He put in every coin I could possibly find... so we had to dump out his savings and start over. I thought I was genius for finding such a great activity! And then he ate a penny.

He had to swallow several times but he got it down. Little punk! I honestly wasn't worried though.

He pooped it out last Saturday.

I think I'll be leaving the college saving up to me and Jake.

And I didn't even realize until now... but look what his shirt says:

Here comes trouble!
(*And please don't judge me by the title of this post.... I just couldn't help it!)

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  1. That was a very clever title and this is hilarious. I'm glad he got the penny out considering he has had small bum problems. That piggy bank is cute and I need to get one of those.