Thursday, July 7, 2011

Windy Beach

Sunday was supposed to be bad weather but it ended up being nice and sunny... so we went to the beach to make some sand castles.

We found a nice sandy spot next to a little stream and started digging away.

But Everett was more interested in the water than the sand.

We didn't think to bring swimmers diapers because we didn't think we would even get in the cold water... but Everett had different plans. His diaper weighed like 3 pounds from all of the water.

The beach is SOOOOOOOO windy and it's hard to stay out there for long but some of our friends let us fly their kite and that was pretty awesome.

We went out the the beach later that evening and we seriously thought that we were going to blow away. Everett didn't care about the wind... he was just headed straight for the water. He was mad when we stopped for a family picture...

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