Sunday, August 28, 2011

Crew vs. Sounders

On Saturday, Jake and I worked the pre-game for the Columbia Crew vs. Seattle Sounders game. I HAAAAAAAATE working the pre-game but you get to watch the game after... so it's worth it.

We also got some Top Pot donuts and got to go out onto the field before the game started (because Amfam is one of the sponsors).

I'm secretly glad Jake talked me into working the pre-game because it was such a great game to watch. It was so exciting and a lot of goals were scored. The final score was 6-2 (Sounders won).

 Crew scored on this penalty kick

There was a guy- in his twenties- two rows in front of us who slept through 90% of the game. We're pretty sure he was drunk/hungover/high/on drugs or something because no one should have slept through so much noise and cheering (plus he couldn't operate his phone and couldn't figure out what section he was sitting in). Poor kid. Maybe he missed D.A.R.E. classes in Elementary school.

Then there was a girl- in her twenties- sitting next to Jake that knew every player's first and last name, jersey number and stats. She was obsessed.

I thought sound wave was a pretty awesome name for the band.

Everett had stayed the day with his grandparents. We hung out for several hours with Jake's family when we went to pick him up. Jake thought it was a good idea to see if Everett wanted to play Aunt April's drums. It was hilarious!  (WARNING: turn your volume down.... waaaaaay down. It's totally worth watching. You will get an idea of how Everett is. He's a loud and crazy kid with a farmer's tan)



  1. Hahaha! He is completely nuts and I love it!! Also, you look adorable! You can seriously pull off any look. i would look ridiculous in a hat and you look STUNNING! Love it!

  2. So you know that this is how Justin Beiber started right??!?!?! Keep this video. You will need it for his future E! True Hollywood Story. And I will remember that I saw it here first!! Go Everett!!

  3. Oh my gosh that video is SO CUTE! I just adore his squeals of delight lol! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!