Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Dear Journal/Only One

Dear Journal,

Today was a real doosey. Where do I even start? A friend asked me to watch her 3 kids for a few hours today and I happily volunteered. One of the 8 month old twins slept the entire time, the other twin hated me and just wanted to be left alone in his car seat.... so that left me with the 5-year-old and Everett. Everett is VERY selfish with me and dislikes it when he has to share me with someone else so he pretty much just cried incessantly the whole time.

After playing princess, pool party, house, croquet, porch swing, Rapunzel reenactments, sunbathing, and about 100 other things, the kids left to go home. Although I really only had to entertain one other child besides Everett, I was exhausted because he never stopped crying and I had to hold him the entire time. I kept wondering how my friend can take care of twin babies and a 5-year-old. Beats me.... add in the fact that she has one on the way and it becomes a complete mystery how she even survives.

I had no idea why Everett was STILL crying (even after they left) so I gave him a half dose of pain reliever. He has a molar poking through and I thought that that might be the problem. I screwed the dropper/cap back onto the bottle of pain reliever and he threw a fit. I had had enough of his crying so I just gave him the dropper to chew on and set the bottle aside.

But he kept on crying so I decided to give him some vanilla yogurt (his favorite).... I took the yogurt out of the fridge and accidentally dropped it. It splattered all over the floor. It was a big container, too. So then I made a smart choice and 'made' pizza for dinner. I put Everett down and:

EVERY. SINGLE. NIGHT. he does this. Most nights he rolls around, crying at my feet while I cook dinner.

He did eat quite a bit of pizza... at least there was one good thing that happened today. Jake was on his way home but was stuck in traffic so we went into the living room to wait for him. I turned on the TV, let him have the remote, and then I laid on the floor. I needed a break. He was playing so good by himself and I was so happy he wasn't crying anymore.

Jake walked through the door right at 7:00, looked at Everett and said, "WOW buddy, that's a big diaper!" I knew that Everett had pooped (because I could smell it) but I honestly just wasn't up to fighting him to change his diaper. (It's like trying to rope a calf while riding a bull at the rodeo.) And that's when I looked up and saw Everett drinking the bottle of  pain reliever. And then I saw the couch:

There was pain reliever and globs of poop all over the couch, ottoman, and T.V. remote. Jake took Everett into the bathroom and gave him a scrubbing while I tried to figure out how much pain reliever he actually drank. I was so mad at Everett but I was mostly mad at myself. I don't even know how or when Everett found the medicine... but WHY would any parent leave the cap off anyways?!

After a phone call to Pam, I figured out that Everett drank 1/2 of the bottle. I looked online to see how dangerous this was. Phrases like kidney failure and death within 3 days were the results of my search. I called the nurse and she gave me the number to poison control (1-800-222-1222). After some measurements and research, poison control said that Everett would have had to drink 5 times as much as he did to cause any serious harm.

We gave Everett a blessing and then put him to bed.

All day I kept wondering if I could ever had 4 kids. The answer is simple, NO. I can barely handle the one that I have. 



  1. D: Oh my gosh, how scary! Babies have a way of finding the one thing they shouldn't have... I think they have magic powers sometimes by the stories I've heard.

  2. Sweet Tyrell that does sound like a crazy day! Sorry you had to go through that. I hate those days when everything is falling apart. I had one of those the other day and it ended with me leaving leaving my phone on my car and driving away. I often feel like Im losing my mind. I think you are doing a GREAT job. You can't judge EVERYTHING on a bad day because 99% of the time you are in control....or so it seems:-). Miss you and I hope you have a wonderful day!

  3. Three is a handful. I'm not so sure about four, but I think we are gluttons for punishment... because I know we will have another. In a LONG while. My guess is, your next one (whenever you so choose to brave the adventure) is going to be a quiet, pacified little angel that is super easy to satisfy. That's usually the way it goes, but if I'm wrong it's ONLY a guess :) I think you are a spectacular Mom!